November 5th and 6th
World Ninja League Qualifier Competition

All competitors must sign the COMPETITOR waiver form and fill out your ninjaworks ID. Click HERE to fill out your waiver form.

Wave times:

Check in is 15 minutes prior to listed wave times.

Age Group/Date/Time

Saturday, November 5th

Kids (Ages 6-8): 9:00am                                   Sign Up Here

Mature Kids Wave 1 (Ages 9 & 10): 1:00pm    Sign Up Here

Preteens Wave 1 (Ages 11& 12): 4:30pm         Sign Up Here

Sunday, November 6th

Teens (Ages 13 & 14) 8:30am                   Sign Up Here

Masters (Ages 40+) 11:00am                     Sign Up Here

Young Adults (Ages 15-17) 1:00pm          Sign Up Here

Adults (Ages 18+) 3:30pm                         Sign Up Here

Elite: (Ages 15+) 6:00pm                            Sign Up Here

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