About Us

Our Vision and Mission

Vision: To fully embrace personal challenges and inspire physical and emotional growth in oneself and others.  


Mission: Share the joy, passion, and excitement of the Ninja community with children, youths, and adults
Challenge children, youths, and adults to grow and master any obstacle they face on and off the course 
Build confidence, fortitude, strength, adaptability, courage, and optimism 
Embrace adversity by learning from mistakes instead of fearing them 
Create a safe environment where everyone feels welcomed 
Inspire others to live a healthy life and rise up by lifting others 


The Goal of Full Send Ninja is to strengthen the physical and emotional abilities of children, youths, and adults by helping them navigate challenging obstacles while gaining physical fitness. We accomplish this by increasing participants' agility, speed, strength, momentum, body awareness, and balance and by building their mental capacity to plan, be strategic, and persistent.
Our team is ready to create a safe and quality space to allow individuals to grow and learn. We look forward to working with you! 


All the best, 


The Full Send Ninja Team 

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